SERVICEIn order to lead success, we support with
our global network and flexible ideas.

  • 経営サポート事業
  • 広告コンサルティング事業
  • 製造・販売事業
  • 貿易事業

Management support Business

We participate directly in the fields of business and management
and present realistic and concrete solutions for management issues.
We are a group of people who introduce new methods, ideas and products. Based on our variety of network which we have built, we are able to plan and conduct measures to solve issues by strict communications with the most suitable personnel and company selected for issues in each field of business.

  • Financial, tax, administration
    and human resources advice
  • Sales cooperation and support
  • Entering business contracts

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Advertising consulting Business

We offer know-how, methods and the best asset of contents of media planning and utilize them to design media based on a theme "innovative and creative" which is free from established concepts and digital / traditional boundaries.

  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • TV commercials
  • Website in general
  • Advertising in public transportation
  • Paper media
  • Radio commercials

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Manufacturing and sales Business

We design and develop a variety of original products including beddings, cushions, interior goods and cosmetics. Sales channels and media that most suit the characteristics of those products are then selected for expanding sales volume.

  • Collaboration with mass major retailers
    (exclusive distribution)
  • Collaboration with mail order
    on TV and radio
  • Collaboration with shopping
    on the internet
  • Collaboration with magazines
    and local community magazines

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Trading Business

[Countries which we have traded]
Belgium, India, Israel, Hong Kong, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Sri Lanka

  • Purchase, sales and wholesale of a variety of jewelry including diamonds
  • Import and export of jewelry

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